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Company Of The Week!

Shout out to the Local Green Company of the week! Best Boca Raton Handyman is helping local business’ with mindfulness of the environment and sustainability. The company Provides home fixes and solutions but they also fix and install solar panels and work on keeping electric and energy bills down by using and promoting sustainable products. When the staff isn’t working a lot of times they can be found riding bikes and drinking juice. If you are going to use a Boca Raton Handyman then I would certainly recommend going with this company. Did you know that doing something to help sustainability and LEED certification is as simple as changing an air filter more often? Whether for existing facilities or new developments, having an expert like the can cut down on costs as well as the environmental footprint which is why we are giving Ben the owner an award this week!


We have also attached the http://www.usgbc.org/leed If you have any questions about how to do your share to keep this earth green and growing!