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Company Of The Week!

Shout out to the Local Green Company of the week! Best Boca Raton Handyman is helping local business’ with mindfulness of the environment and sustainability. The company Provides home fixes and solutions but they also fix and install solar panels and work on keeping electric and energy bills down by using and promoting sustainable products. When the staff isn’t working a lot of times they can be found riding bikes and drinking juice. If you are going to use a Boca Raton Handyman then I would certainly recommend going with this company. Did you know that doing something to help sustainability and LEED certification is as simple as changing an air filter more often? Whether for existing facilities or new developments, having an expert like the can cut down on costs as well as the environmental footprint which is why we are giving Ben the owner an award this week!


We have also attached the http://www.usgbc.org/leed If you have any questions about how to do your share to keep this earth green and growing!

Overdue for Clean Living

The planet seems to be going to He** and the human body is going right along with it. Because of that, we are doing our best to promote seminal thinking companies within the health as well as the environment. Americans are consuming way too much sodium, smoking cigarettes and terrorizing their bodies. Even the health-conscious gym rats are sucking down whey protein and ruining their sewer system. Your digestive tract cannot handle that. Some websites are great for helping to educate and solve this problem like http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/ The USDA has also released a new food pyramid that shows what foods are right for you. Now more than ever it is important to live clean and be mindful of what you are eating. Some companies are promoting that new line of thinking. Big shout out to a new Juice Delivery Service in South Florida for doing their part (Juice-2-U.com). We are going to be promoting a sustainable company of the month!

The sad truth is that Americans have become dependent on consumer goods and are always looking for the quick fix. Monsanto has made sure that everything can be produced in mass quantity so that market cap and ROI continue to increase. It’s too bad that the death toll due to cancer has skyrocketed over the last several years too. These conglomerates don’t have America’s best interests at heart. Luckily there are still some successful companies left that continue to make money without sacrificing the health of our planet. They focus on irrigation, sustainability and have sat on the board for Broward County Parks and Recreation. They have also been a huge changing force in getting rid of disease and promoting healthy living for trees and best practices for Tree Services in Delray Beach, Fl.  In this capacity, they have been a driving cause in helping with the mosquito problem in South Florida. The best thing about it is that their staff are all college graduates with degrees in horticulture and on top of that they eat salad and drink juice 🙂Juice SHot

We are all brothers and sisters here. Continue reading our blog for updates on local companies supporting America’s health and local sustainability.