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Liquid Aminos for Vegans

A special version of soy sauce, liquid aminos basically taste like magic. Liquid aminos have very rich umami flavor. Umami is the fifth flavor that represents a meaty, savory taste as most of us already know other flavors like bitter, salty, sweet, and sour

Umami taste has been linked to some health benefits on top of creating an explosion of yummy for our taste buds. According to the latest study in the journal Flavour, people who eat more umami-filled foods have a good trim appetite, body weight, and overall health.

Containing plant proteins and a variety of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins composes liquid aminos. As it’s harder to find the nine essential amino acids of which our body cannot produce on its own without ingesting animal products, it’s especially essential for people eating a plant-based diet to consider consuming liquid aminos.

Pointing out, it’s not obligatory to get them entirely in one food. While adding epic flavor to your food, well if you can get a bunch, you can do so. Bragg Liquid Aminos is one of the most popular brands in the market today. This product contains 16 types of essential and non-essential amino acids. Summing up, that’s practically all of the 20 amino acids found in our body’s proteins.

One can’t really count it as a protein source though it’s worth noting that the total amount of protein is pretty low. And, you have to think about sodium and this one no one can neglect. Another soy sauce alternative tamari contains 335 mg for just 1 teaspoon while a teaspoon of Bragg liquid aminos has 320 mg of sodium, which is still a fair amount.

Why do vegans have to consider using liquid amino acids? Liquid aminos don’t contain wheat and aren’t fermented, unlike soy sauce. This only means if your gluten intolerant or have to steer clear of alcohol, this is a great alternative. Liquid aminos makes nearly everything taste magical.

Homemade Vegan Milk

If you’re a fan, you can make your own nut milk at home. Making vegan milk at home is easy you’re also likely to make something inexpensive and flavorful than buying commercially made.

In making vegan milk, follow these steps:

  • Five parts water to one part of any nut like blanched almonds, cashews, or hemp seeds.
  • Add vanilla extract, a few drops will do.
  • Add sugar to sweeten the milk

You can make a variety of concoctions that are not available in stores is what’s great about homemade nut milk as you can use practically any type of nut. If you’d like to try a different terrific flavor to nut milk, try Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. You can even incorporate your favorite chocolate brand or cocoa powder.

This is a chance to put to use these industrial strength blenders as they give perfectly liquefied mixture so it’s best to utilize your well-kept blender. Since you squeeze out the pulp, consider buying a nut milk bag. You can even make another vegan product, the vegan cheese so just save it up and don’t throw the pulp away just yet.

For homemade soy milk as you can also make some, and very cheaply at that, but you might not like the results. Top soy milk companies got expensive equipment to extract denatured proteins that’s because they have a secret weapon that you can’t buy for your home kitchen.

To make soy milk you’ve got to boil the soybeans until they’re soft and this would be the difficulty when making your own. Some of protein is taken away in doing this process. The changed nature of protein will give an unusual flavor to the milk that provides an acquired taste.

Homemade soy milk has been standard for centuries in Asia, and people who are used to drinking it tastes just fine. In fact, the locally-made soy milk that hasn’t had the denatured protein removed, you can purchase in any Asian grocery store.

This unusual concoction has never conquered on in the Western world due to its taste. You’ve got something delicious if you can remove the denatured protein, which every major Western soy milk producer does and surely everybody who would taste it will agree.

Whatever flavor or ingredient you’d be working with, it sure is a great way to practice to make your own homemade flavored vegan milk to perfection.

You’re Part Vegan

Many people associate the word vegan with plant-eating. People know that vegans, or vegetarians, do not eat meat. But there’s so much more to being a vegan than not eating meat. As a matter of fact, you might be part vegan. I’ll explain why.

First of all, eating meat will disqualify you from being a vegan. But you eat other things that are considered vegan foods. Yogurt, beans, nuts, and even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich are all considered vegan. Look at all of those choices!

There’s nothing uncool about being a vegan. It’s not even too out of the ordinary. After all, much of the food that is considered vegan is eaten universally. That’s why I say you’re part vegan. I am part vegan myself. I like to eat healthily. I don’t always eat meats. White meat is healthier than dark meat. I suppose no meat is the healthiest. Or maybe not.

For example, salmon is a fish, but it’s considered a meat. Salmon has numerous health benefits to include protein and omega-3 acids. Chicken, the white meat, also had a great amount of protein. Eggs, not surprisingly, also have a great amount of protein.

If someone is a strict vegetarian, there are other natural ways to get protein, however. They can eat beans, which I referenced earlier. Beans are a wonderful source of protein. These people probably won’t eat hamburgers or hotdogs. That is great because the bread buns that come with these are not healthy.

Taking these buns out of a diet will reduce carbohydrates. They must be made up but in a healthier way. The answer is oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods one can eat for breakfast. This is because oatmeal is made up of complex carbs which are slow-burning and keep the person full for a longer period of time.

Vegan Meat

I’m an omnivore and therefore open-minded. I’ve always enjoyed a good burger, given that it was farmed in a sustainable way. That being said, I enjoy vegan food as well. However, I tend to prefer knowing exactly what I’m eating. One day, not too long ago, I ate my first vegan meat. I did not know that it was vegan! At least right away.

A few months ago I was preparing to eat a nice spaghetti and meatball dinner. I was preparing to eat, but I did not prepare the meal. When it was ready, I was called to eat. It looked great! The pasta, red sauce, and meatballs have always been a treat for me. However, there was something “off” when I chewed the meat.

It wasn’t bad. It was just different. I found out soon after that the “meat” was actually a plant-based creation. I was very surprised that what I was eating could actually pass for real meat. Because technology continues to increase, these types of options are now readily available.

A quick trip to grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Mom’s Organics will show this. There, one can find vegan “meat” and other vegan options. They even sell vegan “meats” at Trader Joe’s and will probably start selling them at large chain stores. That is, of course, if people begin purchasing this product regularly.

Grocery stores aren’t the only places one can find vegan “meat”. A hip burger joint in my city has begun selling plant-based “meat” burgers. Will it catch on! Time will tell. However, for vegans, this is a time to be excited about. People who don’t eat meat have their reasons. They might love animals or simply want to eat healthier. Either way, this option should satisfy them since they have more choices.

The Popularity of Vegan Food

Tastes change over time. Perhaps I should say tastes change over generations. It’s a slow process. In the 1950s, TV dinners were widespread. These days, people are generally healthier. They are healthier because we know how bad those meals are for us. In the quest to become healthier, some opt to choose vegan food.

Not everyone who eats vegan food is a vegan. Does this make sense? I know it sounds counter-intuitive. Let’s put it a different way. Take someone who drinks a diet coke. Yes, their drink is the diet version of the pop (some might say “soda”). However, that person is not necessarily on a diet. In the same way, a person can eat a vegan meal and not be a vegan.

This person eating the vegan meal might be doing so for the first time. Perhaps they are trying out a new lifestyle. Yes, there is a vegan lifestyle! There are vegan websites, vegan magazines, and vegan beliefs. The vegan lifestyle is just as real as a dieting lifestyle or other lifestyle.

Vegan food is becoming more popular because people perceive it to be a healthier option. You won’t find much vegan food at most fast food restaurants. Vegan food can be found in higher end food stores such as Whole Foods. Smaller chains, like Mom’s Organic, also highlight the vegan lifestyle and therefore carry many vegan products.

In the never-ending desire to become healthier, more people may try vegan food. Some may like it. Some may not like it. But one thing is for sure. Vegan food is more popular now than it was a few decades ago. There are many options as well. Therefore, people are sure to find an option they would find tasty. There are even vegan versions of popular foods such as hot dogs or pizza. Head to Whole Foods and see the options!

Company Of The Week!

Shout out to the Local Green Company of the week! Best Boca Raton Handyman is helping local business’ with mindfulness of the environment and sustainability. The company Provides home fixes and solutions but they also fix and install solar panels and work on keeping electric and energy bills down by using and promoting sustainable products. When the staff isn’t working a lot of times they can be found riding bikes and drinking juice. If you are going to use a Boca Raton Handyman then I would certainly recommend going with this company. Did you know that doing something to help sustainability and LEED certification is as simple as changing an air filter more often? Whether for existing facilities or new developments, having an expert like the can cut down on costs as well as the environmental footprint which is why we are giving Ben the owner an award this week!


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Overdue for Clean Living

The planet seems to be going to He** and the human body is going right along with it. Because of that, we are doing our best to promote seminal thinking companies within the health as well as the environment. Americans are consuming way too much sodium, smoking cigarettes and terrorizing their bodies. Even the health-conscious gym rats are sucking down whey protein and ruining their sewer system. Your digestive tract cannot handle that. Some websites are great for helping to educate and solve this problem like The USDA has also released a new food pyramid that shows what foods are right for you. Now more than ever it is important to live clean and be mindful of what you are eating. Some companies are promoting that new line of thinking. Big shout out to a new Juice Delivery Service in South Florida for doing their part ( We are going to be promoting a sustainable company of the month!

The sad truth is that Americans have become dependent on consumer goods and are always looking for the quick fix. Monsanto has made sure that everything can be produced in mass quantity so that market cap and ROI continue to increase. It’s too bad that the death toll due to cancer has skyrocketed over the last several years too. These conglomerates don’t have America’s best interests at heart. Luckily there are still some successful companies left that continue to make money without sacrificing the health of our planet. They focus on irrigation, sustainability and have sat on the board for Broward County Parks and Recreation. They have also been a huge changing force in getting rid of disease and promoting healthy living for trees and best practices for Tree Services in Delray Beach, Fl.  In this capacity, they have been a driving cause in helping with the mosquito problem in South Florida. The best thing about it is that their staff are all college graduates with degrees in horticulture and on top of that they eat salad and drink juice 🙂Juice SHot

We are all brothers and sisters here. Continue reading our blog for updates on local companies supporting America’s health and local sustainability.