Liquid Aminos for Vegans

A special version of soy sauce, liquid aminos basically taste like magic. Liquid aminos have very rich umami flavor. Umami is the fifth flavor that represents a meaty, savory taste as most of us already know other flavors like bitter, salty, sweet, and sour

Umami taste has been linked to some health benefits on top of creating an explosion of yummy for our taste buds. According to the latest study in the journal Flavour, people who eat more umami-filled foods have a good trim appetite, body weight, and overall health.

Containing plant proteins and a variety of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins composes liquid aminos. As it’s harder to find the nine essential amino acids of which our body cannot produce on its own without ingesting animal products, it’s especially essential for people eating a plant-based diet to consider consuming liquid aminos.

Pointing out, it’s not obligatory to get them entirely in one food. While adding epic flavor to your food, well if you can get a bunch, you can do so. Bragg Liquid Aminos is one of the most popular brands in the market today. This product contains 16 types of essential and non-essential amino acids. Summing up, that’s practically all of the 20 amino acids found in our body’s proteins.

One can’t really count it as a protein source though it’s worth noting that the total amount of protein is pretty low. And, you have to think about sodium and this one no one can neglect. Another soy sauce alternative tamari contains 335 mg for just 1 teaspoon while a teaspoon of Bragg liquid aminos has 320 mg of sodium, which is still a fair amount.

Why do vegans have to consider using liquid amino acids? Liquid aminos don’t contain wheat and aren’t fermented, unlike soy sauce. This only means if your gluten intolerant or have to steer clear of alcohol, this is a great alternative. Liquid aminos makes nearly everything taste magical.

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