Homemade Vegan Milk

If you’re a fan, you can make your own nut milk at home. Making vegan milk at home is easy you’re also likely to make something inexpensive and flavorful than buying commercially made.

In making vegan milk, follow these steps:

  • Five parts water to one part of any nut like blanched almonds, cashews, or hemp seeds.
  • Add vanilla extract, a few drops will do.
  • Add sugar to sweeten the milk

You can make a variety of concoctions that are not available in stores is what’s great about homemade nut milk as you can use practically any type of nut. If you’d like to try a different terrific flavor to nut milk, try Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. You can even incorporate your favorite chocolate brand or cocoa powder.

This is a chance to put to use these industrial strength blenders as they give perfectly liquefied mixture so it’s best to utilize your well-kept blender. Since you squeeze out the pulp, consider buying a nut milk bag. You can even make another vegan product, the vegan cheese so just save it up and don’t throw the pulp away just yet.

For homemade soy milk as you can also make some, and very cheaply at that, but you might not like the results. Top soy milk companies got expensive equipment to extract denatured proteins that’s because they have a secret weapon that you can’t buy for your home kitchen.

To make soy milk you’ve got to boil the soybeans until they’re soft and this would be the difficulty when making your own. Some of protein is taken away in doing this process. The changed nature of protein will give an unusual flavor to the milk that provides an acquired taste.

Homemade soy milk has been standard for centuries in Asia, and people who are used to drinking it tastes just fine. In fact, the locally-made soy milk that hasn’t had the denatured protein removed, you can purchase in any Asian grocery store.

This unusual concoction has never conquered on in the Western world due to its taste. You’ve got something delicious if you can remove the denatured protein, which every major Western soy milk producer does and surely everybody who would taste it will agree.

Whatever flavor or ingredient you’d be working with, it sure is a great way to practice to make your own homemade flavored vegan milk to perfection.