You’re Part Vegan

Many people associate the word vegan with plant-eating. People know that vegans, or vegetarians, do not eat meat. But there’s so much more to being a vegan than not eating meat. As a matter of fact, you might be part vegan. I’ll explain why.

First of all, eating meat will disqualify you from being a vegan. But you eat other things that are considered vegan foods. Yogurt, beans, nuts, and even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich are all considered vegan. Look at all of those choices!

There’s nothing uncool about being a vegan. It’s not even too out of the ordinary. After all, much of the food that is considered vegan is eaten universally. That’s why I say you’re part vegan. I am part vegan myself. I like to eat healthily. I don’t always eat meats. White meat is healthier than dark meat. I suppose no meat is the healthiest. Or maybe not.

For example, salmon is a fish, but it’s considered a meat. Salmon has numerous health benefits to include protein and omega-3 acids. Chicken, the white meat, also had a great amount of protein. Eggs, not surprisingly, also have a great amount of protein.

If someone is a strict vegetarian, there are other natural ways to get protein, however. They can eat beans, which I referenced earlier. Beans are a wonderful source of protein. These people probably won’t eat hamburgers or hotdogs. That is great because the bread buns that come with these are not healthy.

Taking these buns out of a diet will reduce carbohydrates. They must be made up but in a healthier way. The answer is oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods one can eat for breakfast. This is because oatmeal is made up of complex carbs which are slow-burning and keep the person full for a longer period of time.